Gotham High Audio Drama Episode 5: A Thousand Impossible Things

Batman and all related characters are owned by DC Entertainment
Batman is created by Bob Kane
Original concept by Jeffery Thomas & Celeste Green

“A Thousand Impossible Things”
Directed by: Liam Cunningham
Written by: Liam Cunningham & Jerred D. Adams
Music by: weiss993

Staring (In order of appearance):
Fred Wells as Jim Gordon
Liam Cunningham as Jervis Tetch
Ariel Toomey as Selina Kyle
Maureen Skaggs as Talia Ducard
Jerred D. Adams as Basil Karlo
Chris Moore as Oswald Cobblepot
Peter Sheppard as Bruce Wayne
Med Bedlam as Barbra Gordon
Anthony “Bruce” Lang as Harvey Dent
Jeff Gwinnup as Alfred Pennyworth
Erin Mills as Eddie Nashton
Casey K as Harley Quinzell
Marley Feldman as Pam Isley
Evan Bremer as Jack Napier
Randell L. Rodriguez as Waylon Jones
Christian Espinal as Antonio Diego
Patrick Simpson as Victor Fries


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